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Our Process

We invest in people, not ideas.

We are committed to empowering and guiding them on their journey to start and grow their businesses. Our value extends beyond capital as we offer invaluable advice, make crucial introductions, and involve ourselves in their ventures to the extent they desire.

We firmly believe in investing in the people behind the ideas. We seek out individuals who embody qualities such as persistence, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to dreaming big. 

In terms of investment, we deploy capital ranging from $500K to $2M for early-stage companies with revenues surpassing $1M.


For growth-stage rounds, typically for companies generating over $5M in revenue, we invest anywhere between $2M to $15M. Moreover, we have the capability to provide larger check sizes, leveraging our $50M backline supported by two institutions.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner and a catalyst for transformative growth, providing the financial resources and strategic support necessary to propel businesses forward.

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